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Library: Laws of God

The Ten Commandments – “Nailed to the Cross” or Required for Salvation?

by David C. Pack

For every cause there is an effect. Obeying the Ten Commandments identifies the cause that will produce every good and desirable effect. But the world has been deceived, thinking that this great Law is burdensome and harsh, and lacks love and mercy. Yet, the world ignores the plain Word of God:…
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Are Christians Freed From the Old Covenant?

What does God require of Christians today? How do the civil laws given to ancient Israel apply in the New Testament era? Misunderstanding the answers to these questions has confused many professing Christians. What is the truth of this subject?
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Does the New Testament Teach All Ten Commandments?

Did Christ come to do away with or replace the Ten Commandments? Are all Ten Commandments taught and enforced in the New Testament? Did Paul teach them to the Gentiles? What about the book of James?
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Did the Ten Commandments Precede Moses?

Most suppose that the Ten Commandments “ended with Christ” and “started with Moses.” Is this correct? Were the Ten Commandments in force before Moses? If so, is there biblical proof that they were?
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What Does the New Testament Teach About Law And Grace?

What is the meaning of grace? Does it nullify—“do away with”—the law? Is grace a “license” to sin? Does “not under the law” mean grace has replaced it—and removed any need for Christians to produce good works? What did Christ and His apostles teach? What does the Bible really say?
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Should Christians Use “Sacred Names”?

Various sects claim it is a sin to use terms such as “Lord,” “God,” “Word,” “Jesus” or “Christ.” They insist it is sinful to pray in the name of Jesus. Are they right? What does the Bible say?
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What Is Sin?

God hates sin. He says that our sins separate us from Him. That those who sin earn its wages—death. Yet what does this mean? Just what is sin? Does the Bible give a clear definition? Now you can know.
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